enables us to recall products that are not fully aligned with our standards, thereby minimizing all kind of risks or dissatisfactions to our customers.

The traceability system is based on four pillars: product identification, data to trace, product routing, and traceability tools.
When a safety or product misalignment with our standards is suspected or identified, we have the capability to trace the problem back to its source, swiftly isolate it and prevent additional non-compliant products from reaching the consumers. Our traceability information is based on POs (purchase orders) and lots. We are using the traceability function based on POs for raw materials intake and lots in the actual production process. Various data collection points are used to link all these elements together into our traceability chain. This traceability system we have managed to build, is key to us for reassuring our customers about the quality and safety of our products. Real-time traceability of individual units, helps the complete sequencing control throughout production lines.

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