The CEO of KRACO Company, Mr. Sokol Kraja held an open lecture with students and lecturers of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food of the Agricultural University of Tirana to show his experience in the establishment of the KRACO company and the challenges in the international markets.

“KRACO is a leading company in the Albanian market and one of the well-known international companies in the field of hot drinks.

KRACO products, completely “Made in Albania” can be found today in supermarkets in Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Greece, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. This is thanks to the high standards, strict procedures and wonderful international level employees that our company has. We are a good ambassador of Albania in the markets of the European Union. KRACO Group has about 250 employees who are trained and evaluated continuously. Our strategy is to create talents within the company to be able to represent Kraco in international markets,” said Mr. Kraja

The students discussed the directions of scientific training that are needed today, with the managerial skills that the market requires, about how they should adapt to the labor market and not emigrate abroad as the local market offers endless opportunities for them.

The students asked Mr. Kraja what employment opportunities the KRACO company offers, the training it does, and the career opportunities within the company.

“KRACO is the place of people who love work, who have such profile that they can face the international challenges that Kraco faces every day” said Mr. Kraja.