Sustainability is important to us and we want to show to our clients and business environment, that we are taking responsibility for the world in which we leave.

Our company and employees have embraced every initiative related to the movements: Think Green and Save the Planet Earth and are on the right track. We want to give our contribution to these initiatives gradually but consistently, without giving up, day by day. That is why since 2019, we are reducing the use of plastic in our plants, with 25kg per day. There are many challenges yet to overcome but, over the past year we have launched our organic tea and infusions line which already offers to consumers an extensive range of products from sustainable cultivation. Sustainable products require sustainable packaging and that is the reason why we are gradually but consistently moving toward folding boxes which are partially or entirely made of recycled materials. Our tea bags are plastic-free and tied together with organic cotton, making them 100 percent compostable. In our Board Meetings, we regularly report about achievements in this field but also, objectives we have set next, and which challenges we are yet to overcome.

Five Areas for Sustainable Action



Supply chain



These are the areas of focus and we will address them according to the principles of ‘Responsibility towards the Society, Respect for the Nature and Responsibility for the Quality of our Products.’ Ours sustainability strategy intends to incorporate these principles into our company’s values, as we find out that sustainability per se, is an integral and important part of corporate management principles.

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