The excellence of our products is guaranteed by a meticulous control throughout the production chain.

All raw materials come from world leading companies in their sector. The Research and Development and Quality Control Laboratory performs controls on all raw materials and packaging of various suppliers, thus certifying the suppliers with whom we cooperate. Our research and development team, with dedication and passion, responds to all market demands and developments.

In our Research and Development Quality Control Laboratory we perform analyses and tests which ensure us that all raw materials and the finished goods, are in conformity with safety and quality laws.

Our quality control team is in constant contact with leading companies in the quality control certification sector, getting acquainted and adapting at all times with the innovations of the sector.

The quality controls

Sensory and chemical-physical analyses are performed in our laboratory. Every day over 10 of them are performed by means of the latest technology tools. The quality control team applies the principle of preventive control, based on the principle of strict self-control and structured according to a programmed plan.


Over 10 of them are performed
by means of the latest technology tools.

The production chain

We control the entire chain of product transformation, from the selection of raw materials and packaging, to the final confection. We do continuous training of production staff to make them aware of the importance of the work they perform, to respect quality procedures and guaranteeing the protection of the environment.

Quality Certification