Career in Kraco

The selection process varies on the vacant position which will be applied.

The first selection is based on your CV.

Candidates will be selected by the Interview Committee and successfully pass the recruitment phase.
The job applications can be made by filling out the following form or sending a cv to:

Said so, interested candidates can send their applications by e-mail to the above address.

For further clarifications you are welcome to contact the
Human Resources Department at: +355 68 60 453 47

Maximum size 5MB | Accepted formats: jpg, pdf, doc

We would like to inform you that all applications will be treated with complete confidentiality in accordance with the Law No. 987
of the Albanian Parliament on “Protection of Personal Data”.

Internship Opportunities at KRACO

The internship program at KRACO is the best opportunity for a career
with us. Through the Internship you are closer to a successful career.
The internship program is based on agreements with the universities
as well as the students’ desire. The Internship Program lasts 1 to 3
months. Students which fulfill the criteria, can apply through university
coordinators or individually.

Internship Program

After considering all applications, candidates who meet the criteria will be invited for an interview. Qualified candidates from the interview will be selected for the internship program. Through the internship program, students have the opportunity to observe and learn from the company.

The Internship Program offers you the possibility to become interns, working with departments according to the requirements and skills of students. Each student is assigned a mentor who guides, supervises, shares their knowledge and experience with them. At the end of the internship, students can present a project to the respective unit leaders, evaluate their performance and receive feedback on the whole process. Based on the performance appraisal of the interns, a group of potential recruiting interns is created, to be further involved in the recruitment processes for vacancies that open up in the company.


How to apply?

The target student group for the internship will be the students attending the final year of Professional or Scientific Master studies.
In case of application through the university, the list of students and their results is submitted through the internship coordinators.
In case of individual application for the program, students should send the following documents to the email address:


What are the selection criteria?

Internship candidates will be evaluated on the basis of ability to meet the following criteria:


We believe

We believe that continuous learning is a key element in the personal development of each employee, as well as the success of KRACO. Practically, learning and work are integrated at the life of every KRACO employee. Our internal Training Curriculum includes Orientation Program for new Employees, Company Recognition, Code of Ethics, etc. For the continuous learning of our employees we also hold specific trainings, based on their needs. Training programs include in-house trainings that are often taught by experienced employees. Continuous training has brought in remarkable professionalism, resulting in a very good company performance.
Many KRACO employees have participated in trainings abroad, which shows the importance we attach to integrating staff with international market developments, products and challenges.