Albania has decided to increase the minimum wage by 15% for 2023, the Prime Minister declared the progressive government’s commitment to increasing the minimum wage and soon adjusting the average wage, the increase will start from 1st of April.

For many years in business, we have been an excellent employer, with competitive salaries, excellent working conditions, private health insurance, international training programs, being the employer of choice.

Our CEO, Mr. Sokol Kraja was invited to speak on behalf of Albanian Entrepreneurs and as the Prime Minister stated, we quote:
Mr. Kraja has created a standard of excellence with Albanians. Salaries in this company (KRACO) not only today but for many years, have been the forefront of the labor market, and this is where it is today. He did not think about how to take away the last penny from the pockets of employees and leave them with slavery wages, but he thought about how to build the enterprise together with the employees, realizing that the enterprise cannot exist without the employees.